Reloading saves to make Herbalists treat wounds?

Hey, just wanted to ask people if they’re having the same issue I’m having, whereby Herbalists will only heal upon a reload of a save?

Originally I put it down to the limitations on the number of people a Herbalist could treat a day. (btw, a status indicator stating “Heal limit reached” would be great, just as a suggestion). But I’m pretty sure that once they’ve healed a certain number, they won’t heal any further.

Is this worth making a bug report over? I do have a few mods installed, but nothing that touches the Herbalist directly. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Clerics to the rescue until then.


The citizen will have a cooldown of many hours until another potion can be used on again.
One herbalist can heal all and any citizens, as long as they have a bed to rest and potions to be used on the process.

Bruno is right about the cooldown. Once a hearthling has been treated, there’s a timer before they can be treated again. If you’re using ACE, some medications ignore that timer (for example, Antidotes and Fever cordials) so if they are poisoned the Herbalist will first treat the poison and then they’ll treat the wounds (and only then the cooldown will apply).

Any medication from a certain category can treat a wound of any severity (for example, any bandage can treat any cut wound). The difference is that lower quality bandages will need more than one treatment to fix higher severity wounds, so you’ll end up having the person in bed for longer due to the cooldown.

Now, there’s one bit Bruno actually forgot about something:

This is not entirely true. Herbalists have a maximum number of patients they can simultaneously treat - that is, a maximum number of people in bed they can apply medications to. If there are more wounded people than this number, some will be ignored by the Herbalist. You can see how many patients they can treat by checking out their Job perks. The number will add if you have multiple herbalists.