Reign of King - Alpha

Dear community,

Beside the great game, called stonehearth, i found an other Alpha game which is realy interesting.

Reign of Kings

Start from zero and try to become a King!
Who doenst dreamed of being a King and rule in your country? :wink:

There are public servers and private servers. Only problem is… The public servers are full of hackers who are destroying for other normal players…

I found one group who play private and its an awesome gaming experience! :smile:
If anyone is interesting to play it maybe we can start a Stonehearth server to play!
While we all await the beautifull development of the great game :+1:Stonehearth :+1:

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Yeah that is basically how I got it described by all the people who have played it. Kinda sad that their security is so bad already.

Yeah, i only played it on private server and there are no hackers (its people you know beside the game)
And its really fun. The play it all seriously. Nobody has the balls to claim the throne :smiley: all are waiting to be be stronger or find a good ally

I’m saving up for this game! :grinning: