Reduce Night Time


is there any way to reduce the night time (or double the day time)? I really don’t like the night, the graphics get boring then.

On the other hand, I love the night time. Seeing all the different lights across your town through the braziers and wall-mounted lamps. It has a nice feeling to it.


I propose another thing: changing day/night ratio during world generation (within certain limits).


This would be a handy option to have. As well as monster spawn chance modifiers to adjust your own preferred difficulty setting and situational difficulty settings rather than the generic peaceful/normal/hard. :slight_smile: (e.g. Night time increased, and increase night time monster raid chance, hence more chance to get more than one raid during the night, and naturally being able to make it the other way around. Less night time & less raid chance etc.) that kind of jazz would be quite nifty! :smiley:
And the generic difficulty settings could regulate monster toughness or raid sizes.

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Prolonged nighttime could also make the crops grow slower!

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Why not combine this with seasons? As far as I know it is planned that at some point, the game will offer seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter). During winter, it is dark much longer compared to summer. So how about the nights are very long during winter (as long as the night is right now) and during summer, the nighttime significantly reduces, while the day is much longer?

I think this would be a good compromise between those, who love the long nights and those, who want shorter night times. Also it makes the game a little bit more dynamic and realistic! :slight_smile:


i.e. Like daylight savings. I like this idea also. :slight_smile: