So, seasons, do they influence the lenght of day/night?

simple question: are the nights long in winter and short in summer?
obligatory “comfy fireplaces for the colder seasons” screenshot


They do not. Could be modded in, but you’d probably have to override the calendar service and may hit a bunch of weird edge cases because things may expect constant day/night length.

If this did get modded in, just keep in mind that realism may not add to the gameplay experience in this matter. Currently days are twice as long as nights all year long in Stonehearth. In reality, days are only slightly longer than nights on average (curvature of the earth; though with a cube world… still atmospheric refraction, blah blah blah, basically the same duration). That means if you wanted to do some sort of seasonal day/night shifting, you’d want to keep it around the same average ratio that we have now, or it would feel like a lot more nighttime overall (which personally I wouldn’t like and wouldn’t download your mod, because it’s harder to see at night, making it harder to play :stuck_out_tongue: ).


Yeah I was thinking 30% up/ down sort of numbers in my head, not ADD ALL THE NIGHT :’)

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What kind of things should I think of doing that (expecting consistent day/night?) Are we talking “system a doesn’t check if it’s night but assumes it starts at 7pm” sort of cases?