Recurring Windows 7 BSoD Since Update


BSoD on Windows 7 twice since last update, error code “Bug Check 0x18: REFERENCE_BY_POINTER”

I looked up the BSoD error code and it seems to be a driver issue, I’m not even sure with what. I’m only posting the crash here because I’ve never experienced it on any other game, but gotten it twice attempting to play Stonehearth tonight, so maybe the info might be relevant to you guys.


Nothing out of the ordinary since it was a hardware crash, but I will post if you guys want it.

Versions and Mods:

Latest Branch, Alpha 15, Build 2876

System Information:

Windows 7, AMD Radeon R9 270X, external Hisense HD TV.


Driver information for R9 270X:
AMD Radeon R9 200 Series
Driver Provider: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Driver Date: 17/11/2015 (up to date)
Driver Version: 15.300.1025 (up to date)

Update: After a little research online, the most common cause of this particular BSoD is RAM failure. I’m going to triple-check my RAM isn’t the cause and run some passes tonight, I will update this thread in the morning.


Would recommend Memtest86 for checking out potential memory issues. I would be very surprised if Stonehearth itself was causing BSoD to occur.

Update: After 8 passes on an extended memtest, no errors found. Must be a driver issue with either the CPU or the GPU. BSoD still happening reliably about 5 minutes into a Stonehearth session, and on no other games.

Thanks for the update, sorry for the delay in getting back to you…it is definitely interesting that you have only encountered the BSoD when playing Stonehearth, and not anything else. @not_owen_wilson might have some information that is useful…he’s done a lot of work with graphics related things.

Just a stupid question, how much ram do you have and how much is being used when Stonehearth is running?

I have 8GB of RAM, Stonehearth runs two processes, one of which is 200MB and one of which is 1GB.

Then this is my opinion, as currently, my game is using 4gb of ram.

Either something is wrong with the read and right portion of your ram, and it’s not dumping the game fully into ram, just causing the error.


Your computer is limiting it’s usage, such as in some setting, and thus is crashing the game out.

My only suggestion would be to ask if you have Minecraft? If so, play it for a bit (or force it to use more ram) and see if it causes the same. If it does, you have a hardware issue. If not…

I play Minecraft almost every day, at 14 view distance with HD texture packs and OptiFine filters.
I also play many other games that require far more RAM. I haven’t experienced this crash on any other game.