BSOD Restart Crash on Latest

Third time it’s happened, Stonehearth causing a BSOD and restart of computer mid-game. The hardest crash I’ve had of any on this PC so far. No warning I can see, no consistency in when it happens that I’ve noticed.



Versions and Mods:

Stonehearth 0.22.0 (release 737) x64 build

  • MRcontainers
  • better_stockpiles
  • easy_mode
  • endpieces
  • extraload
  • homesweethome
  • jomaxro_doorway_mod
  • settlementdecor
  • smart_crafter
  • tree_stump

System Information:

Windows 8.1, AMD Radeon R9 390 Series, external monitor (windowed mode)


Also happened before adding the mods endpieces, extraload, doorways, and settlementdecor; Occurred across several different save files.

EDIT: Just recalled that on the latest crash, but possibly not the ones before (and definitely not on at LEAST one) the BSOD threw a nice user friendly error of MEMORY_MANAGEMENT. So useful.

This crash.dmp points to atio6axx.dll. That’s related to graphic drivers.
Have you tried updating them from here: Download Drivers ?

Thanks for digging that out for me, I updated my driver (updating graphics drivers always scares me) and I’ll be testing to be sure that’s the problem!

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Yeah, updating graphic drivers sometimes can go wrong (or they can have bugs and it’s troublesome).

Let us know how it goes!

Alright it’s no longer crashing my PC but it is still CTDing.

Does it generate a new crash.dmp when it crashes?

Did not think to look, here it is!

If it’s a new one, it’s still complaining about that library :disappointed_relieved:

Yeah it updated right when I crashed so… I dunno! I’ll see if I can figure out what’s up from the player end XD

Alright, I had jumped right back into the game and it just crashed again. I THINK it’s linked to the autosaves. I’ll be testing that theory tomorrow.

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