Recall a trader / satisfy goblins earlier than time limit

If a trader gives me 72 hours to build three chairs for them, I should be able to recall them sooner once all three have been completed. Same goes for Goblins. No reason to keep waiting and risk the items being used or somehow placed out of stockpiles and not be available for trade / tribute at the moment they are needed.


Being able to call goblins back earlier makes sense, but calling traders back earlier doesn’t make as much sense, depending on how far away they theoretically travel in that time.

I’d like to see this is some situations, but not in others.

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to the traveler yes they will not add this because they want to make caravans ^^ and for the attacks … hmmm perhaps as mod ^^

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My problem is I usually miss when the traders come back and wonder why they didn’t go ahead and take the 3 chairs I made for them.

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i don’t like using too many mods in the alpha state… i think it takes the dev focus away from… the devs! i mean, i don’t know about you… but i bought this game with a full game result in mind … eventually of course… but i agree with the goblin timers… not the travellers

at the moment you have brought an alpha version of a game with very easy modding ^^ BUT there can be many things added later ^^ i dont know the future plans but at the moment i dont think that it will be buttons for an instant attack (max as mod or miniworld) or spawntrader ^^

a goblin timer is already active ^^ start 1500 networth - spawn every 2 days :smile:

i meant as one of the posts above being able to give them what they want earlyer… etc… and sorry it wasn’t a dig about the mods (i mod most of my games) i just refuse to do so with alpha builds :stuck_out_tongue: sorry… that’s just the way i roll… where was that water mod again… lol… j/k