Goblins will afk if you make them wait

How to get goblins afk

Steps to reproduce:

  1. play normal game (only tested on desert but it might work on every map)
  2. try to trade whit goblins
  3. when they tell you to give what they was previously asking for, juste dont answer
    if you dont answer and keep the request whit the following answer:
    “-here you go
    -i changed my mind”
    Goblins will be afk for ever

Expected Results:
Get a time to answer like:
" you got 24h to give what we asked for or boom boom"

Actual Results:
“ok cool bro take ur time”

really enjoy ur game

Version Number and Mods in use:
only found that (Id build : 3480711)
but its the last update whit no mods

System Information:
windows 10 and all its need to run every last game on market

That is probably a known feature of those quests