How do i satisfy the Goblins?

I have all the things i need to satisfy the goblins needs, but they attack anyways. Do i have to bring it all to their camp or something?

Probably missed the goblin return, they give no specific time to return, the goblin just comes back after awhile for the stuff, if you don’t notice the message it will time out.

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Oh, so it’s a notification. Maybe i didn’t have what he asked for at the right time

Probably, I know I missed one on one of my worlds and they kept trying to steal from my hearthlings and beat them up

They should at least do as the traders do, say “you did not have what i asked for”

They do but if your busy and are getting a lot of leveling updates you can miss it, should be some sort or priority to notices, more bells and whistles on the more important notices like impending doom.

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