Goblins ask for things i that i can't make/haven't unlocked

The goblins asked for 4 dried dates. I have 1 dried date (no idea how) but my herbalist can’t make them, it doesn’t even show up in his crafting page. But at this point the goblins are already back and want these dries dates so i can’t spawn them in.

  1. Can you make it so it doesn’t ask for things i haven’t unlocked yet?
  2. How can i fix my world now? Will i have to edit some safe file for it?

If they can be reached by your hearthlings, just wall the goblins in until they leave on their own

I believe the dried dates may have been part of the “care package” given to you upon settling the town?

Since the dialogue has triggered and as you say you can’t just spawn the dates in now, the only thing I can think of would be to click through the “come fight us then” option, pause the game, and use the campaign browser to trigger the “waited around too long” ending to the goblin chief campaign – this will make the goblins leave immediately, as though they had been stuck unable to reach your town for too long, and queue the chief quest to fire off again later. It’s the same effect as walling them in until they leave, just with less steps.

The goblins are already coded to not ask for things you haven’t unlocked/can’t get yet; but in the case of items you harvest straight from the source (which is what I believe the dates are), there’s no crafting recipe for the game to check whether you’ve unlocked them or not.