Goblin camps what is hte point of being friends

besides goblins leaving and and attacking you what is the point of friending them

i meant for 1 and not and and

Well at this point, it gives you a choice to prepare better for the confrontation.
If for example you did not know that this would happen, you might not have trained enough soilders or clerics, since the current numbers you had, did the job just fine with fending of the forestcreatures :slight_smile:
By giving into their demands you actually buy some time to prepare better.


I’m still just ignoring them until I’m ready. I honestly don’t know if that’s intended. It somehow feels wrong.


They will give you stuff when they leave if you’ve befriended them.

Stonhearth is still in Alpha and thus far from actually being finished.
With the devs having many ideas at hand and realizing more of them slow and steady, I guess this will come to their attention soon, or at least I hope so, since this a feature they actually already begun developing.

As far as i remember, they where supposed to establish a town next to you if you stay friendly. I imagine that would lead down an alternate, peacefully story path. Maybe establishing trade, sharing citizens (who doesn’t want goblings in their town?) and eventually getting maybe exclusive objects and research?

So much for my thoughts on that, tho they are only thoughts. We’ll have to see what the devs do with it, it’s in their hand…

I would love to start seeing them, since they’re neutral at that phase, scavenge stuff from fallen enemies that you’ve defeated and then bring it back to their camp and put it in the big chest.

If you don’t deal with them or send Hearthlings out to collect the goods fast enough, you lose out on loot and precious resources that can give you a big boost early on as they’ll pack up and leave after a bit, taking those resources away. It would give the player a bit more incentive to interact. After all, our goblins love the shinies and it’s definitely in their nature.


First of all, I had no idea you can make friends with them.

Second, how would our computers not burn from all the performance issues and memory leaks if there was a second town?!

Third … i still want it! Maybe having a new “rally flag” for “allied reinforcements” could be added for a squad of 4-5 goblins joining a fight with you, while at the same time expanding the random crypt full of undead into a chain of events as big as the current goblin invasion we have now in the game?

And also… with separate towns I kind of want the dev team to implement the rabbit people and dwarves :wink:

Goblins, being primitive as they are, could just be aimlessly wandering through their town and construct extremely simple structures. This wouldn’t require as much pathfinding as having fully functional goblins building complex structures, farming, and collecting shinies. Don’t get me wrong, I would like a goblin village to expand and eventually cover the complete map forcing “less peaceful” methods to be required to expand your own village, but that probably would be a big performance hit.

I’d like the notion that they would settle into your town, demand their own structures, space and stuff, but also offer protection. Maybe they get comfy in your town and use it as a staging ground to raid your neighbors. This could lead to and event where neighboring tows attack you to wipe out the goblins.

Suddenly you find yourself under attack by well armed footmen, clerics, archers and knights from the Ascendancy or Reya’s Children. Do you fight along side the goblins to defend your town, or do you turn on your protectors and fight with the invading forces to wipe out the occupying goblins? Now there’s an interesting story line.

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when i tried going with the goblins demands i hoped i’d be considered part of their fiefdom yknow? hoping that since the goblins walked along my roads they’d aggro on anything that attacked my hearthlings but alas, they blatantly ignored wolves/entlings.
i reckon it’d be cool if going with the goblins could get you recipes for goblin exclusive items/buildings (instead of the usual lvl2 upgrades?) maybe this activates a different kobold storyline where they’re attacking the vassal of the goblin warchief, or a hearthling warband shows up

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