Reasons Why I Can't Wait for Multiplayer

After being a player of Civilization 5 (200+ hours and all the expansion packs) I can’t wait for multiplayer. I want to build an independent town and trade with my friends such as @SteveAdamo and @TurtleSquish, and while I plot their downfall… I want to feel the awesome that is marching into a other players town, destroy all their defenses and have them beg for mercy as I burn their town to the ground, and demand tribute evey five minutes as I take over and burn the world under my iron boot. You can say, I’m ready for multiplayer! :wink:

I’m coming for you @SteveAdamo and @TurtleSquish


And… As you march into their towns. A Mage’s tower floats above yours, and Rains death from above :stuck_out_tongue:


And I attack with hot air balloons, besides we have bunkers made for that

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And my Hearthlings sit around relaxing, drinking tea, and eating pancakes while you all destroy each other. We’re pretty chill.

After you’ve weakened yourselves completely, then we take over.


Meanwhile, as everyone brings apocalypse to each other, I’ll hide away in the corner and hope I’m not too visible…


Puny Hot air balloons, to a Major mage’s tower, Us mage’s Laugh at the attempt. The Geomancer’s would rip your grounds apart. Your bunkers would be laid to waste. :smile:

All kidding aside I cant wait for multiplayer either.

I guess you focused on cooking… I’m coming after you first, puny Paul

We can have a alliance, like Italy and Germany in WW II, because that worked well…


Meh :slight_smile:

I want a really great SP experience first. After that’s done, by all means add MP features, but I wouldn’t want to see the game going down that route until SP is done.

Just my 2c :slight_smile:


I agree. Seems every game that comes along, we get that PvP crowd that just wants to kill other players with their e-peen swords.

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this indeed is something i can’t wait for either! Besides I’m super curious as to how they’ll implement it and what we’ll be able to do with it :smiley:

I’m really excited for multiply player as I think it will add another aspect to the game, I really want to explorer what a long term game with other players would look like. That said up until the latest patch a few quirks need to be worked out first, last patch seemed to stabilize a lot for me; however we will see after I get a bit more time playing with it.

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I’m not that big of a fan of PvP, but I like strategy involved of taking over town

Most like you will get PvE maps and PvP maps. So wouldnt worry too much about that

Multiplayer will be the last thing that comes out for this game, by the road map.


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Me neither, occasionally I enjoy a good little bit of PvP, But it’s so much nicer not to worry about people killing you / getting raided.

There’s so many good builders around, It’s going to be awesome when servers come out and we can see huge builds from a group of people. That’s what I’m truly looking forward to, Being able to build epic things with the amazing Stonehearth Community!


unite the master builders! that would be awesome, seeing all of you awesome builders working together to make something massive and awesome.


I hope that one day we’ll get that opportunity. I hope to host a server as soon as they come out. The server would be pretty much dedicated towards building. I hope that we can make spawns like Minecraft servers… Really want to make something epic that everyone joins can see. (would have statues of all the devs and every Stonehearth animal around spawn too)

Any way I agree #UniteTheMasterBuilders!


I’d enjoy resource trading as a start. Have a merchant class that goes to other friends (steam friends even), and trade goods. Maybe their map had more iron and you have more wood, or whatever.

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