RazerStore Credit and Merchandise Giveaway


I know some people at Razer, and they gave me codes of the following types:

  • $5 RazerStore credit
  • $15 RazerStore credit
  • Razer L33T Pack (worth $20)
  • Razer Dog Tag

Unfortunately, I don’t have an exact number for the amount of each type that I currently have, but if I run out, I’ll just fetch some more. I’ll try my hardest to get codes for you guys.

For more information on what’s inside the L33T Pack, check out the webpage here.


  • Specify desired item
  • Wait patiently because I don’t check these forums as often as I should


1. All credit and merchandise codes require a minimum of $59.99 in your Razer Store checkout cart. For example, in order to receive your Razer Dog Tag, you must also have an item worth $59.99 or more included in your order.

2. There may be more codes available than the ones shown here, and they may not all be subject to the minimum price explained above.

3. Limit one code per customer / order. For example, you cannot enter multiple $15 store credit codes in order to get something over $59.99 for free.

4. All codes must be used by April 30, 2014*.*

5. All of the above are subject to the mood Razer and its employees are in.

GOOD LUCK - St. Patrick’s Day Humor

How do you always get codes?

I thought it was quite self-explanatory.

thanks @TUGenius… apologies for my goofy question, but Razer makes high end PC gaming gear, like mice and keyboards… yes?

@SteveAdamo Yes, that’s correct

I know but how did you get all the ESO codes and I am pretty sure you had a few more give aways.

Wait, what question did you ask beforehand? Do @SteveAdamo and @Newf share a hive mind?

EDIT: Oh sorry, I thought you were apologizing for @Newf’s question. I shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Leads to way too many conspiracies.

@Newf, I got the ESO Beta codes from Bethesda, and I believe the Beta is now over. These codes are from Razer, and they can only be used in the RazerStore

A horror I do not want to contemplate.

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Wow! This is awesome!

Hey, what does the L33T Pack have in it? I would like to have a nice Gaming Mouse for me to use after I fix the problem with my Laptop that somehow causes all the Games in my Steam Library to crash, except Stonehearth.


Many a man has lost his mind trying to game on the Windows 8 OS.

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well, I’m sorry but my Laptop came with Windows 8.1, and I do not want to upgrade to Windows 7.

Yes, I said upgrade because Windows 8 is a trainwreck.

I would upgrade but I don’t have the money or the time to redownload everything.

Well, I DO want to upgrade, but I don’t have the time and money to do so.

@EpicDwarf, I updated the main post with a link to the L33T Pack on the RazerStore.

@Newf, my cousin hit restart on his Windows 8.1 PC, and ever since, the BIOS firmware wasn’t able to recognize his hard drive as a bootable disk. I was smart enough to keep my BootCamp dual-boot partition away from scams like Windows 7+.

What the hell is that?

I knew people wouldn’t understand what I meant. By Windows 7+ I meant Windows operating systems beyond Windows 7.

Oh, I thought it was something like this:

Well, Windows 9 should be good, seeing some of the planned features.

Wait, Microsoft planned something?!?!

Yes, they have.

Also, here is a link to a story about Windows 9.

Microsoft Windows isn’t completely bad at all, Windows XP and Windows 7 were amazing!