Rayas Children: Talismans?

One question for Rayas Children: How do you get all the talismans?
Like tons of really important talismans, like the sword for footmen and the weaver talisman, all come from the carpenter. And I haven’t seen that the potter can craft anything similar. So do you really have to go:
Potter -> Mason -> Blacksmith -> Carpenter
Just to get something as basic as a footmen, weaver or farmer?. Seem really weird in my opinion, but maybe I am just not playing them right.


hey there @Amaror,

as far as i know TR is planning on making clay versions of some of the talismans sometime down the line, but in the meantime there should be a store that comes by every once in awhile that sells the talismans or alternatively you can also buy them in the embarkment store.

hope that helps.


Yes, after a while you get a store that sells you the talismans for the footman, weaver, herbalist, and farmer. Make sure to sell lots of things since the price is high (around 160g for some of them).

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