A why question regarding Rayya's

Why do you have to wait for the potter to get to lvl 2 to promote to stonesmith when Acendency can promote anyone from the get-go as long as you have the hammer talisman?

They just have different order in their tec tree. You can also promote anyone to potter in RC as long as you have the talisman, but you can’t in Ascendancy.

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I know that, but the Rayya have a long way to go to get a saw and that leaves having to struggle to get the sword talisman and they have to get a potter (primary builder type, beds etc) to move to another occupation, which to me is unbalanced, makes them seem like simple mind folks with the “Have to learn this to do that”, the Acendancy can keep their Carpenter forever without moving him to another occupation.

The stonemason can be created as soon as you have a hammer talisman in Acendancy which can be gotten very early in the game, they can make a minor upgrade for solider type which would help the single Rayya soldier you can make with the one sword you get.

Just seems very unbalanced and makes Rayya seem like, well morons, because you don’t need any precursor for a stonemason with Acendancy

I believe the way TR wants people to get the sword talisman is by trading so crafters aren’t as big of a focus as in the ascendancy while in the ascendancy trading is small compared to classes

At 80 gold a pop while still trying to build up to some sort of safe environment for your Rayyas
is a little steep

Well, trading a level 4 stonemason for a potter in Ascendancy is even worse.

What you need to do is plan ahead which one will change profession. If you don’t want to lose you good potter, just put him on “vacation” for a while and put a new citizen doing his job. This new hearthling will level up to 2 and be promoted to stonemason, so you can just reassign your main potter back to his duty after that.

The same thing happens with the blacksmith. People waste their level 4 blacksmith to get an engineer, while they could simple assign a new blacksmith and level that one to become the engineer without losing the good main smith.

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The Potter doesn’t make any weapons at all, they are purely for decorations by the time you use them with Ascendancy, so isn’t any big deal you don’t really “need” them, but the Stonemason makes the hammer weapon upgrade which for Rayya is a big help since they only have the one sword at start, would rather my one little Rayya footman in their padded cloth armor running amok with a hammer then a wooden sword.

One other thing I wanted to ask, Why doesn’t the wooden sword go back into the stockpile like the other occupations when you promote them? (the talisman’s)

Because the talisman is always with them if they have the profession, the weapon upgrade doesn’t replace the talisman. If they lose the talisman, they devolve back to worker.

What? all professions have a talisman to promote them, All (but the footman) will drop their talisman for the promotion to whatever (or demoted), So your saying the footman has to cart around a wooden sword in their back pocket for as long as they are militia even if you gave them a nice shinny steel sword?

The footman WILL drop their talisman if you promote him to something else (archer or knight, or back to worker)

All profession will carry one and only one talisman.