Randomly taking damage - Nevermind, I just forgot to build a well

Summary: I’m new here, so it may just be something I’m doing wrong, but I seem to be randomly taking damage from nothing. Not just my footmen, ALL my citizens constantly take damage randomly for no real reason. My top-statted footman has like one health right now.

Steps to reproduce: Unsure.

Notes: Sorry for the lack of information on this, but I have literally no idea what’s going on, so I wouldn’t know how to reproduce it even if it is something I did that triggered it. I’m using the mods linked below.

Attachments: Save file and mods: Stonehearth Save and Mods Used - Google Drive [Should be everything, not sure.]

Version Number and Mods in use: Not sure about the version number, think it’s 707. Whatever the latest stable version is as of today for steam. x64.

Thanks for any help, and sorry if this isn’t an actual bug. I’m just confused about this, and didn’t know where else to put a potential bug report.