Random suggetions

NOTE: first few are copy pasted from here Random suggestions after seven hours of play. :: Stonehearth General Discussions

ok, this is just for convenience sake when working on custom buildings from scratch using the cubes. cause detailing results in a large pain once thoughs are done. this mode would allow players to look around from there hearthlings POV as a ghost of sorts and would have two main functions.

  1. easier placement of furnature
  2. ability to add/remove ladders manually. (managed to get all my workers stuck on a roof once oops)

concept: in this mode the player would use WASD to move, mouse to aim. pressing the 1 key opens a furnature menu where you can sellect and place anything you have crafted, primary places secondary rotate (left and right mouse buttons). pressing 2, swaps to ladder mode where left click places a ladder and right click removes. these ladders vanish the moment you leave first person view mode.

trait idea: were fox/rabbit
this is the least likely of ideas here to happen, werefoxes/wererabbits would te a rare trait that your hearthlings can have. these are as much an upside as a down side. and like all traits have their pros and cons.

wererabbit pros and cons
+green thumb
+likes raw food above cooked. (both have this)
~doesn’t sleep (instead turns into a rabit person at night)
-pack minded (only social with other weres)
-eats 2x more then normal hearthlings.

werefox pros and cons
+expert trapper (starts at level 2 as a trapper)
+likes raw food
~doesn’t sleep (turns into a werefox at night)
-pack minded (only social with other weres)
-combative (high chance of negative interactions with other hearthlings)

bonus: werefoxes and rabbits can speard, wererabbits will spread to cultists though you can stop this by a “quest” notice asking if you will allow it. werefoxes on the other hand may bite others in combative conversations while a potion will heal them and cure quickly if the hearthling isn’t treated it will spread.

both of these are meant to be something you have to watch out for if one apears in your town. as you may have to do some population control to stop it from spreading or build your town around the spread with all the pros and cons of such.

ok this is an idea for a job, miners. these guys will mine out rocks and tunnels with one goal finding stone and ore. they are much faster at mining then other hearthlings and can be given improved picks from the stone (level 1 mason) to iron.

JOB: mines out disignated areas and builds “stable tunnels” these tunnels place torches and pillers for easier vissiblity to the player as well as the miners.

O:can build miner items
1:faster mining
2: more stone from mining
3: more ores from mining likely to find vains of ore.
4: insperation may build improved mining items.

miner items

mining table: takes 2 stone, 1 wood. used to craft mining supplies.
torches: 1 wood, 1 coal. held in off hand provides “light” will place on pillers as they mine.(have infinite of)
mine entry: a large stone door that fits in a 4x4 hole when placed the miners will see everything behind it as a mine sight instead of manual mining. though you can still add rooms manually.

rails: used for moving ore carts. (miners auto place once you have these)
ore cart: can move a long rails has 20 slots miners will fill them full of supplies then push them to the entry. (miners auto place once you have these)

mining lamp: upgrade to torches, placed on top of pillers. (have infinite of)
canary: decorative requires herbs and a trapper.
mining explosives: late game gear you can must buy the parts for this which are explosive powder and paper. (used to quickly mine out a 4x4x4 area, thrown in combat (thrown ones do not damage buildings)

other suggestions.


info: a building part carfted by blacksmiths, a guard post is a floor adition that can be tuned to melee, archers, or knights to patrol this area or hold it.

example putting an archer one on a 2 story “building” will give you a good ranged defense and increase the archers range while holding that point.

function: guard posts would have two functions which are similar to how beds are assigned. they can be left un assigned allowing anyone of a class to take “shifts” at that post, or they can be assigned like beds causing the person assigned to stick to that post.


idea: created by your base craftsman and mason(larger ones) these tables can be set up to have items ready for use on them. items on these tables will be used before items in crates though you must sellect the items on the tables.

example of use:

  1. putting cooked food on a table to designate the eating area so that your hearthlings stay in a small area and eat specific foods first. (kept having a hearthling eat the jerky I needed for food crafting and complain that his food was raw)

  2. putting potions and bandages on a table for wounded to use. great for things like the guard post suggestion above.