Rainiel, The Emerald City

Hello, just want to share my current playthrough in progress.

Anyways, I’ve completed the tavern/brewery for my brewer, bed and breakfast (hotel and cookery) for my cook and guests, clock tower for my engineer, emporium building and market park for my merchants, and the huge church of light which took me 3 days to design for my cleric.

Planning on building:
Armory - Blacksmith
Wainwright Shop - Carpenter
Sculpting Studio - for my Mason
Garden & Hospital for my Herbalist
Magic academy for my Geomancer
Palace for my King (worker)
Port district for my Fisher
Stone themed dwelling for my 2 bunny residents

I can’t count the times I had to use ib and cheats because building always get stuck :sweat_smile:


Oh, wow! This looks awesome! Good work on this one, I’d love to see more detailed screenshots of the interiors and such :jubilant:

And if you’re taking votes for the next project (:grimacing: ) I vote for the Garden & Hospital!

Good work :merry: :heart:

PS: You should join us at the ACE Discord server, we do monthly “Building Contests” there and I’m sure you’d be a great contender :sparkles:

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Looks great, good job! looking forward to seeing more!