(r826) No Apparent Appeal on New Items

I’m going for the cheer hearth. I need to up how everyone feels about their workspaces and bedrooms. Unfortunately, all these lovely recipes I’ve been collecting from previous re-embarkments don’t seem to be doing a thing in adding appeal to their immediate surroundings. The windchimes and throws specifically. I haven’t tested the other items yet. I’ll follow up here with either an edit or a reply to my thread.

EDIT: The half-glazed pot and gilded wall banners do seem to be generating added appeal.

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I have two caps here with the gilded chairs in the weaver’s room. There is zero change with their addition to the room while the pointer is hovering in the same spot.

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thanks for the bug report! Ping for @Rabid_Llama

It’s probably because they have no collision. It’s on my list of things to fix someday.

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This is fixed in the current release.