Appeal numbers odd?

Alright so i am updating my mod Yang & co’s decoration to be compatible with alpha 23 so that when it goes live that i can update my file. So i was looking into the apeal of the items from the original files so that i had a refference about what apeal to give my own items and found some odd numbers.
Would love to know if these are intended or not.
Steps to reproduce:

I havent look trough all files yet but i took the comfy bed and fine comfy bed. And i found that the apeal of the normal version is heigher then the fine version while at the comfy chair and fine version the fine version has more appeal.

Comfy bed: 15
Fine Comfy bed: 12
Comfy Chair: 12
Fine Comfy chair: 20
Dresser: 10
Fine Dresser: 8

Where in most caseses the fine version has the same amount of apeal as the normal one.

Expected Results:

If it is intended i try to get the logic when an fine version has either more/less/same amount of apeal points. If i know the logic i can aply it on my items as well ^^

Actual Results:



Version Number and Mods in use:
Latsest A23 on steam

System Information:

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That is because fine items will not exist anymore. So they didn’t cared about tuning their values. It is there for the case where someone is playing an old save game where he had those items. But new games will not have them as it is not craftable anymore.
So just ignore all fine items.

Alright thx for the heads up!

So is there any other variation on the model like fine items in the new system or dont i have to make any fine versions of new items i create?

or if there is any video or news topic i can find the info on ^^

You don’t need to make variations anymore. The game will do that for you. Visually they look the same, but different tiers (there are 3 extra tiers besides common) have different appeals and net worth values.
You can check a little about it here Default Appeals?
And here:

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