[unstable 766/767] Some generic feedback to Unit Frame/Appeal system

  • It bothers me a lot that the “Change Job” button was removed from the unit frame, and is now only accessible from the hearthling list. Other than that, I absolutely love the new unit frame.

  • The visiblity of “Appeal” is perhaps a bit too niche. There seems to be no easy way to grasp the current satisfaction level of individual hearthlings other than opening their character sheet and navigating to the appeal page.

  • I absolutely adore the new system of “higher quality items”. Though, I would perhaps like to see a few more tiers eg. uncommon (green), and legendary (orange/gold).

  • Some visuals on the deployed models of blue/purple items would be nice to be able to distinguish them from your average thing. Like some very very faint blue/purple glow around them. Or occasionaly blue/purple sparkles.

  • How about Blue/Purple tiers for wearable equipment with slight bonuses to stats? I would so love that, oh boy!

  • To extend the previous point a bit… I have noticed that blacksmith and cook also got the trait of being able to create high quality (colored name) items, but other than the workbenches (and the chest in case of the blacksmith), they don’t have anything that has the chance to be higher quality, since neither food, nor armor/weapon can be “colored”.

  • I’m not sure if this is new, but I have noticed that the unit frame of crafted stuff displays the name of the hearthling who crafted it. Perhaps Hearthlings should sometimes try to interact with the crafter based on this, eg. congratulating them for their excellent work on that “epic large crate” which sits in the corner. Being congratulated then would boost the mood of the crafter a lot.
    Edit: to further extend this: people who love/hate specific items would then appreciate/scold the crafter for items on their lists crafted by them.


I stumbled into a few more things, and rather than making a new thread I’ll toss them in here…

  • The “blue” versions of items that have only 1 appeal also have 1 appeal (or is displayed as such). Which, to say, is kinda underwhelming. Perhaps it should be made so every “blue” has a minimum of 1 more appeal than their regular versions (and “purple” items 2 more, of course)

  • Stockpiles should neutralize the appeal of items stored within it. Because no matter how nice that awesome chair looks, when thrown upon a pile among a dozen boulders and logs, it doesn’t look like anything but a pile of things.

  • Oh, and here’s this… Don’t y’all just hate when people don’t finish their


Thanks for your feedback! I’ll pass it on to our designers, @Sweet, @Brackhar, and @Rabid_Llama.


Will take a look at the feedback for Unit frames. :+1:

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