r240 (x64) Turnips Not For Sale

With my current setup in-game, I have a LOT of extra turnips. So I went to sell them, and noticed they don’t show up on my sell page.

i think its because the turnip isnt set as food in the manifest - i will change it and try it ^^

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What’s it set as then? Because it doesn’t show up anywhere on the sell menu.

its in the categorie “food” so its should shown at the mearchant but in the manifest it hasnt a specific point - so give my some minutes - i will get my daughter im 13min in the bed and after this i will test it ^^

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ok that hasnt worked -.- now it doesnt find the basket anymore … and yes i have changed all finded infos also for the serving ^^

edit: i think i have found the issue - there are no info for the caravan - next try

issue resolved ^^ just add this in the turnip_basket.json under the entitydata ^^

“stonehearth:net_worth” : {
“value_in_gold” : 3,
“rarity” : “common”,
“shop_info” : {
“buyable” : true,
“sellable” : true,
“shopkeeper_level” : 1,
“shopkeeper_type” : “caravan”

@Tom @sdee and again a little fix info :wink:

just for info: i have set the worth to 3 because … they are turnips :wink:


What hasn’t worked, getting your daughter to bed or the testing? :stuck_out_tongue: (SCNR)


both :wink:

im a good daddy so my daughter hear at me :wink: the first test (change the aliases) hasnt worked i dont know why but at least i have resolved it xD

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