[r2081] Pathfinding not performed through gate

Summary: I had fenced off a group of farms. Harvested crops would collect inside the farms but would not be picked up.

How to reproduce:

  1. Build farm
  2. Build stone fences and gate
  3. Fully enclose farm

Expected results: Farmer comes and goes through the gate, as required. Villagers pick up harvested crops and move them to the stockpile.

Actual results:

This is an early shot, before it had been fully enclosed. There are a few crops left uncollected, but this might be due to massive mining orders I had set at the time.

Later on I noticed there was no silkweed or farmed food in my piles despite having a farmer working away for a good hour. I placed a stockpile just outside the farm gates. Again, nothing happened and I attributed it to mining. When the mining order was finished though, nothing was collected so I decided to remove some fence. The second there was a gap in the fence, the following happened:

Back in business…

Notes: I am not sure if the farmer ever left that plot of land or just stood there, ate the collected food, and passed out on the ground.

Version: r2081