Bug: Stone Gate Causes Siege Warfare

Title: Bug: Stone Gate Causes Siege Warfare, Mass Goblin Attack

Summary: I first noticed that “enclosing” my little base between the mountains behind me and my stone wall caused a single goblin to stop his pathing attempts. He kinda just sat outside my wall for a long time. After a good half hour, I sent my workers to chop down some trees right outside my walls. Unfortunately, it seems like closed stone gates block all enemy pathing attempts…until opened. No pathing doesn’t seem to deter enemy spawning either, because as soon as that gate opened 17 (at least so far) started sprinting for my workers. This is a huge increase in previous numbers, where attacks usually consisted of around 3-4 goblins. I’m not sure if this was some sort of event triggered, I only started playing yesterday, but it seems to be a bug.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make an enclosed town, either fully surrouned by stone fences or with a small valley blocked by stone fences. Make sure one stone gate is available to walk through.
  2. Wait for a period of time, a half hour should do. If possible, trigger a goblin attack.
  3. The goblins should be unable to path inside until a hearthling go through the gate, allowing all goblins to path inside the fort.

Expected Results: I would have thought stone fence gates would allow enemy pathing rather than blocking it, at least until troop movement commands are in place.

Actual Results: The enemy pathing seems to have been blocked by a closed stone gate, at least until it is opened.


Attachments: New user, can’t seem to upload screenshots.

Versions and Mods: Alpha 7, Release 195.

System Information: Doesn’t seem relevant.


what was the net worth of your town?

Also, I just continued playing and as soon as my poor defender died after trying to repel the attack while sitting on the gate, the gate closed and the goblins once again couldn’t path through. This was followed with an endless stream of errors. I took screenshots but I can’t upload them. Edit: 21761 is my net worth. I tried typing it first on my initial reply, but it was cut off for some reason.


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it is a known bug for goblin to sit and mass over time. especially if you save and reload. but i find it it easier to deal with this bug in game. here is how. make a stockpile outside gate (not very big) have a footman patroll it, they auto patrol stockpile and roads and farms. he or she will keep them under control

when you have that high then you are more likely to get large waves of goblins, from my experiences at least.

ive seen an alternative to this bug where if you make your town in a lil pit surrounded by 4 dirt walls , the moment u build a ladder out of the town the hordes appear

I almost feel like its a feature to punish people who wall themselves in a safe spot for too long instead of dealing with there problems


Stonehearth: A metaphor for life itself.

Hey, it’s not like I wanted the gate to block the path. :slight_smile: The more puny goblins for my footmen to smack the better, but having 17 at once for my new footmen was a little overwhelming.

no no no not what i mean, make your footman at start then set the patrol outside the gate

well i always sound red alert when there are that many :stuck_out_tongue:

I understood what you meant, it was only an attempt at humor on my part. I decided just to remove the gate, as the original intent of the gate was to make the choke point look somewhat fancy. :smiley:
@ 8BitCrab: Due to my inexperience, my stockpiles, roads, and farms quite far away from my wall so my workers never ventured near the gate. This made it quite difficult to use the red alert properly, and as to my knowledge there’s no system in place to communicate a threat’s location between hearthlings. I’m very much looking forward to Alpha 8’s military command features.


The solution is clearly to allow goblins to siege you… so they dont just sit and gather, they sit, gather, AND destroy the gate.
make it happen devs


What about using the Red Alert :unamused:?

I was continuously using it, as with one footman I was not sure I could make it through the waves.


My gate, the only access point into my town, was place just far enough away from where my hearthlings usually walked around so that they couldn’t see any threats right outside the gate, where the initial horde congregated. Using red alert did nothing because even though one of the people was being attacked, the other hearthlings didn’t know to go and defend him because there were too far away and there isn’t a system of inter-hearthling communication that I’ve seen. A cool feature with the military commands expected in Alpha 8 could be some sort of bell building, allowing all hearthlings under the effect of red alert to communicate the threat positions. This is assuming that military commands could only normally be used on military units, ie. the footman.


I’m experiencing something similar on release 256. I walled off my city, and now the goblins don’t even try. They’ve piled themselves up over and over again on the fire pit in their camp. There’s at least 2 or 3 pops there, and I don’t know how I’m going to get around that, short of arming every villager. heh. On the plus side, it’s far away from where my hearthlings are, so I’m just going to ignore the camp.

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I think that the pile doesn’t have to do with the walled city. It has been reported many times and I think that there are some people that didn’t have walls around their cities.

I hadn’t had it happen yet in the other games, and this one is the first I’ve successfully managed to wall off before the lua monster got to me (I’m up to 14 people in this game, with multiple in mountain storage locations too and only slight hitching).

I found it sort of interesting that the Goblin leader isn’t standing in his area anymore, but wandering just outside of their camp. I can try to see if walling every city off seems to result in the pileup though, once I’m able to play again.