Hostile pathfinding through gates depends on orientation

When deploying a gate over a road, the gate ceases to function as a goblin blocker. It can be visually either stuck open or closed but as far as goblins are concerned, it is not there and they’ll walk right through. I’ll test further to see if it’s the same with the stone fence gate.

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hey there @Averest … would you mind posting an associated screenshot?

thanks! :+1:

So I confirmed it is only when the gate is facing in a certain direction (no compass) and it’s for both the stone and wooden gates. Screenshot to follow as soon as I can figure out how to post it up somewhere. I caught those little buggers red (green?) handed

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Here are the little darlings stealing my fences. you can see the one inside and the one who just left. Ignore the guy to the far right, he’s just pathing around to the stone fence.



I demand that internet points are granted for the genius that is Moats.


Oh! Back for more you little thief?

So this shows the time of day was evening so you can then find out what orientation the fence was facing via the shadows.

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I have two fences on either side of the village, both with fence gates. One is respected by hostiles, the other is not. No clear reason why.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load my save.
  2. Spawn a hostile mob outside the fence, on the side by the trapper zones.
  3. Observe them waltz right through the gate unhindered. Note that because of the extra pathfinding distance now, mobs are actually pathfinding up and around my village to use that gate instead of the other one.

Expected Results:
Nice, peaceful village with the riff raff kept safely outside.

Actual Results:
Riff Riff, Riff Raff Everywhere. :stuck_out_tongue: … but hey, at least they’re not spawning in the middle of town anymore! :slight_smile:

It should be present in both Day 7 and Day 17, but you’ll get more action on the later game save.

Version Number and Mods in use:
A14 D2820 x64

Directional gates ignoring by hostiles is is an ooooold issue. Hostile pathfinding through gates depends on orientation

I guess it’s doing it again?

Sorta. This one isn’t a blanket statement. It’s just the one gate, not all gates.

Ah, I thought they were facing a different directions since they were on opposite sides of the village.

Wait… I take it back. This does look like it’s possibly the same. They do have different orientations.

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Built several stone gates and enemies keep walking through anyways. The doors don’t open the enemies just walk through like they aren’t even there.

Steps to reproduce:

Expected Results:

Actual Results:



Version Number and Mods in use:

System Information:

Hey there @C0LoS, this is an old (and known) issue. During tonight’s Twitch stream, @sdee acknowledge that there appears to be an orientation related pathfinding bug for gates. If you take that gate and rotate it 180 degrees, it should keep the goblins out!


Just ran into this again on A14 R504, this time affecting the Tunnel Door.

This was made worse by the fact that, apparently, tunnel doors cannot be moved once placed. See screenshots below.

If someone can replicate the above, can we page someone to fix the move issue? Otherwise, the hostile incursion issue gets problematic in perimeter locations. I suppose you could add a fence gate in front or behind it…

Save Game: A14_R504_Tunnel Door (5.2 MB)

Log: stonehearth_A14R504.log (2.0 MB)


@jomaxro FYI: Flipping gates 180 degrees as a work around doesn’t fix it for me. No known fix short of not using gates at all, I imagine.

Versions: A14 R504 and R514 (stable)

@megashub, hmm…good to know. Was this one gate style in particular, or did it affect both wooden and stone?

Will replace wooden with stone and retest. But for the moment, I can only confirm wooden. Will also include the save game.

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Will add save game tomorrow, but here are my findings after continuing the same save for the last few hours on A14 stable (R514):

  • Wooden Fence Gates are ignored by hostile mobs regardless of orientation.
  • Stone Fence Gates are ignored by hostile mobs on only one side, so flipping them 180 degrees does mitigate the problem.
  • In my save at least, while using stone gates, mobs that charge the village (giant wolf, specific golbin classes, giant golem, etc) would get stuck midway through the gate (with no opening animation), and footmen would pass through the gate before turning around to attack the stuck mob. The mob would not turn to face the footman after getting stuck, and will not fight back. So, truly stuck and helpless. This indicates the mob is being blocked from entering town by the gates, as expected, but then encounters some bug that locks them up.

On that last point, I’d be interested to see if anyone can reproduce this on a new save. Mine might just be a special snowflake.

Lastly, @yshan: Would it be possible to add something like a ‘spawn_hostile [] 1’ console command where the digit at the end is quantity? Without it, testing gates here turned out to be quite time consuming, waiting around for the right type of mobs to spawn naturally, and in the right places, without alerting my footmen too early so that they’d make it to the fence without getting stopped.

There’s no way to call off a footman once they’ve decided to engage (at the moment anyway), so that often messed up an otherwise good test.

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Save game, as promised: (9.3 MB)

Log file, in case it’s useful: (943.2 KB)