It's Halloween. A Zombie bug we thought was dead arises! Enemies walk through tunnel doors

Summary: South Facing Wooden Tunnel Door allows enemies to walk right through

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place 4 tunnel doors, each facing a different direction
  2. Wait for enemies to come Trick or Treating
  3. Enemies walk right through South Facing Door without even saying “Trick or treat!” How rude!

Expected Results: Tunnel Doors should stop enemies from walking right through

Actual Results: Enemies who, by the way are NOT wearing Halloween costumes invite themselves in.

Notes: Yes I posted this bug ages ago, but it’s arisen from the grave yet again. Note the small rock golems inside. Door faces South. Special thanks to Yinhe806(CHN) for catching this on the Steam forums.


Version Number and Mods in use: Release 687 x64

System Information:


Can confirm! Very odd that it only impact the door in one direction…I was going to ask why this was happening when there is an autotest for doors - but I guess the autotest doesn’t check all directions. Thanks @Averest. @yshan, save below if needed. (3.9 MB)


With as often as I’ve revisited this bug, I think it really needs to be added to the autotest. :wink: Thanks Jomaxro!


There is an autotest for this! The problem is that it only has one door, not four, so it doesn’t check every direction.

I mean with 4 directions, of course. =)


I would guess it is a hitbox problem. See how the hitboxes don’t always match with the model depending on the direction it is facing.


I wonder how many other objects are suffering from the hitbox problem. Perhaps in the next bug fixing push, since so much new content has been added, someone should go through and check all the hitboxes to make sure they’re where they’re supposed to be.


Not really the hitboxes, I’d assume this is a problem with the rotation, which does not move the collision boxes to where they should be.


To fix it, remove the x,z align flags and change the model and region origins to this:

   "mob": {
      "model_origin": {
         "x": -0.5,
         "y": 0,
         "z": -0.5
      "region_origin": {
         "x": -0.5,
         "y": 0,
         "z": 0.5

How do I spawn an enemy, to test if they still go through the door to attack the hearthlings? Just plopping them through the debug makes them part of my town.
Edit: Tested in the jomaxro save and it block the enemies.


That is something, I would like to know, too.

Same here! I’ve always just messed with the campaign browser when I need an enemy to test with, but that really limits my control!

To spawn enemies, try with the arena world that @Froggy provided:

Not sure that it still works, since I remember having issues were it would only spawn one team, but…
You can use console in the worst case to spawn the other team. Or maybe I had this issue on the upgraded version which reads the data from a json file, not sure where did I get it from :confused:

In short, you have to retrieve the population of your enemy faction, and use create citizen with it.
If this microworld doesn’t work for you, try doing that.

Thanks for the savefile, @jomaxro :slight_smile:

I was having a hard time trying to reproduce this until I realized that both of you were using slabs instead of walls.

I made a square with walls and 2 doors on each direction (one facing inwards and the other one outwards) but couldn’t reproduce the issue. But I observed your slabs buildings and I could finally get it to repro. You’re placing the doors manually, right? Like any other furniture.

Thanks @Averest for reporting this after the Steam user, and thanks @BrunoSupremo for the fix suggestions.


I believe I placed them using the building editor, but I could be remembering incorrectly.

I built mine by dropping down slab walls, then placing the mine doors manually after the structure built.

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Summary: Build walls with a door. Doors dont keep out all enemy’s even with door still up and having health.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build wall and place door
  2. wait for higher enemy’s ones with wolfs etc
  3. watch them go through door

Expected Results: having to break door down first.

Actual Results:
they walk through the door


Version Number and Mods in use:
terrain slabs
and person building color mods
System Information:

win10 64

This hashould happened to me without mods, altho I do have a steam copy.

What door is that?
Maybe it is this same bug:

The door has its collision box wrong depending on the rotation.

yes actually it is the same bug I believe