Goblin AI exploit/bug

Continuing the discussion from 2283 x64 Goblins too easy to just ignore:

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…I was pretty scared about the second wave until I noticed where the goblin camp was in relation to my camp. I had my carpenter create 20 simple wooden fences, and just placed them across the only way for the goblins to approach my camp. Bam, problem “solved”. They can’t pathfind to me through the fences so they immediately become irrelevant…[/quote]

…and the discussion from Levitating Goblins of Aha Gotsu:

I noticed that both Problems are connected. Build a wall (wooden fence, cobblestone fence) between you and your neighbors, and they will keep spawning fighters (apparently over the fire pit), but without a path to your base (stockpile?), they will just stay there and roast forever. At least that explains the skulls at the fire pit. ^^
(Maybe these discussions can be merged?)

The easiest solution would of course be if the enemies could tear down structures/objects in their path.


thanks for the report @Raffo … is your feedback unique enough to stand as a separate report, or can we merge it with one of the two you reference?

Well, all three posts are related, as they describe different parts of the same problem (or point out the connection), so I would say they can all be merged (and I wouldn’t mind the “direction”, in which they are merged).

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