[Con] Levitating Goblins of Aha Gotsu

It appears that the goblins have become stuck in midair above their own fire pit. The count on the number of goblins kept going up, and when I saved and tried to resume the game from desktop it went through the loading bar and then black screened for a good while until I gave up.


Yep got this one also:

You can see the outline of more then just one goblin in any one spot, they keep piling up, going to be interesting to see if they can be cleared out. :smile:

Edit: No they can’t be cleared, only the loose goblins and chief around them

I enjoy smashing goblins. In my current game they are completely broken. All the goblins spawn ABOVE the firepit and are stuck midair. See the image below:

They never move, attack or do anything. Even after I ‘returned’ them to earth.
If you instruct a hearthing to move the fire-pit out of the way, your footman can kill them all before they start doing anything.

Release 240 x64 - no mods.

thanks for the report @GeekLegion … I know this was mentioned elsewhere (but perhaps not in an actual bug report)…

paging @Relyss! :smile:

I may not be @Relyss But is this the forum you where looking for @SteveAdamo?


brilliant, thanks @Stoneheartfan! :smile: :+1:

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I can reproduce that bug every time, but I have a fix for everyone (workaround).

You can select the goblin-firepit right when it spawns an click “undeploy”…
…a small greenone will come and put it into the goblin-storage-area … voila, goblins do not spawn into eachother.

Alpha 9 .240 x 64

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I managed to move the Wicked Fire Pit.
When I did this, the goblins fell to the ground but were still stuck in place.
I was able to kill them all once they were on the ground.

So now there is just a fire pit, and if I send my soldiers near it, they get killed while fighting an invisible enemy.

You can reproduce this by

  1. Move the fire pit so the goblins fall. (Your worker will likely pick it up but then run away and not actually place the fire pit).
  2. Attack the area near then goblins with a group.
  3. Place the fire pit.
  4. Attack the area where the fire pit is.

Ah, I am having the same manifestation with the invisible fighters. I haven’t let it go on long enough to kill anyone though. If you let the combat go on long enough, do they destroy the firepit, or destroy the invisible fighter?