Goblins stuck in mid air over existing object

Sometimes enemies get stuck in mid air too, usually over another existing object and cannot be hit. This also causes any surrounding hearthlings to ignore the threat, but they do not loot any of the surroundings either. This happened to me particularly when a goblin camp emerged and I killed all but some goblins that were stuck over their fireplace.

hello there @Sebastian_Montoya

this is a known bug, however i was certain it had been fixed.

@SteveAdamo should i merge this with the old one, or should it be kept since the old one was “fixed”?

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hmm… if the old one wasn’t actually locked, just marked as [Res], i suppose you could just merge there and remove the [Res] tag…


Yep, sometimes we mark Res without actually moving to the Resolved category, waiting for confirmation when the new build arrives. So we can merge it there.

@Sebastian_Montoya , which version of the game were you playing?

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I was playing the build prior to the latest build.

so… R-375, correct?

I believe so, yes. Right now I’m on R393.