Fenced Off Field Issue

My farm land is fenced off completely with 3 separate gates, this is something I have done since way back in the updates. I am running the latest build on the unstable branch.

The issue might be down to me only giving 4 grid squares between the gates and the building. Note the soldier who can’t leave. Also I have noticed that my people use the doors on the other side not the ones on the facing on the screenshot.

So if you flip the fence gate the footman is able to go out?
Or does he keep wandering inside there?

It’s really a concern, yes.

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It must of been down to the 4 grid spacing, if you look you will see I lined up the doors and the gates. The gates would not allow the footman out even when I placed a squad flag. Also farmers could not get in hence the rotting veggies.
I restarted on a day one save, built all the fencing, same layout in same area. This time I have placed the building 5 grid squares from the gates, no problem.
Can put a screenshot up once the building is done to prove it, if needed.

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Same issue, all fine right up until the second scaffolding went up. Field left to rot gates not used, had to remove 2 fences from the side to allow access. Now to see if once the scaffolding is gone will they use the gates. And… No!! Tried moving the gates then replacing, nope still stuck. Reloaded, great!!! Idle worker bug.

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