Hearthlings not using Picket fence gate

Bug : Hearthlings will not go through a fence gate

I was fencing off my village to create some kind of defense, I had one gate and that was the only way in and out of my village. When I put in the last fence piece I had one on the outside and the rest on the inside. Everyone inside was working except for the ones who needed stone to finish a house. I had told them to harvest stone outside of my fenced area and the one guy outside went to go do it, when he finished though he just went idle. I made a stockpile thinking maybe it’s just too far away or something. Lunch time came around though and everyone went to eat except the guy outside, and when he had moved the stone to the new stockpile, none of the other villagers came to retrieve some to work. I moved the fence gate after this seeing if maybe there was something wrong and the one guy outside immediately came into eat.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Fence off a section of land with a gate, make sure that there is no alternative way to get out.
  2. Order workers to do something on the other side of the gate

Expected Results:
Workers go through the gate to go do the task

Actual Results:
Workers stand idle and are unable to get out of the fenced area (or vice versa) and are unable to complete the task or gather resources.

Versions and Mods:
This is Stonehearth Alpha 6 (latest build)