[r180] Condemned Buildings

So while playing (day 14 or so) I started to notice that the sheltered stat in the ledger was at 4.8, when previously it was at 7. I thought this was strange so I checked the building creator. Turns out some of the buildings, instead of having a black striped outline, was colored with a red one. These buildings don’t get counted and villagers refuse to sleep in them.

Expected results: Buildings keep their black stripes outlines and are counted as shelter.

Actual results: After some time they get counted as ‘condemned’ and no longer function as homes.

Did I miss something, should this be happening?

I saw many red lines in Skydock , but I figured that was because I was almost asking the game to break, what with deleting and replacing floors and roads all over the place. I didn’t know this could happen during actual play, nor what it meant.

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The structures aren’t counted as buildings, and people won’t stay in them, at least, that’s my experience.

Did you add some object into the building after it was built?

It seems pretty logic that unvalid buildings don’t count for the shelter score, since they are bugged.

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That might be it, usually the building had an unplaced lamp or a ladder nearby…