Settlers can't leave or enter biuldings Alpha 8

At random times my buildings become unusable, The settler in the building can’t get out and the settlers outside can’t get in. This bug effects all buildings at the same time, I get no error messages just this. This happens after settlers have placed a doors.


Didn’t notice the issue with doors placed during the building’s construction, but I did run into this problem when I placed a door on a custom building after the building was finished.

This has been an on again off again bug. It’s the doors. It is somewhere here in the forums.

agreed… sounds like the bug reports where the building “outline” changes to red, and the buildings are either ignored or unusable… yes?

Different bug. That bug is the building become unrecognized as a building, (not counted in the settlement and just ignored by villagers). No this bug has to do with the door in place usable for a bit, then unusable (like its a wall, or locked) and if villager are in the building they become stuck.

Placing objects onto a building after it’s finished usually leads to unusable buildings with the red outline.

But a door that becomes unusable after a bit, I’m not sure about that. Even if you made the door after removing the scaffolding, if it was needed for the house (they prepared the hole for it) it shouldn’t bug the building :disappointed_relieved: