[r166] doors, recycling and building in general

Hey there hard working ppl of Radiant Entertainment!

Gratz on this great build! And first of all: I love the new possibilities.

But as in quite all my posts here i have to address some (minor) bugs(others may call them features) like my little numbheads take an already placed door from a finished building and re-use it for another construction nearby… well, sustainability at its best. :wink:

Then again when I try to get the door replaced, i couldn’t fit it into the whole left by the first door… only complete walls seem to be a valid target for placing doors… :frowning:

Next thing is… I thought I had read that citizens can walk through scaffolding since an earlier unstable build… When I built that neat two-bed-cottage at my first session since updating to r166 two of my hard working ppl were trapped in that room until the scaffolding blocking the door was removed by the other dilligent workers.
(I can imagine the pain and suffering they must have had when a male carpenter and female farmer had to spend several hours together without working on their hard wood and tasty fruits.)

As a Suggestion on another note:
Would it be possible for workers on construction sites to build up all the scaffolding first and only then build the walls up? If more than a few workers build on one house it happens often that one worker has to place a lonely block quite near the roof when all the others try to bring their wood back to the stockpile. As soon as the block is placed everyone rushes back to the construction site because the A.I. suddenly is allowed to build the next row of blocks… My boss would say there: “Time is money!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I understand that this would require the workers to have feature enabling them to really walk through scaffolding and placing blocks on the needed height.

Well thanks for reading this anyways. Keep up the good work!


Ps.: My ppl keep walking through thin air as they rush forth and back during mentioned construction progress… Not all of them but noticable half of the workers. Not game breaking but still there. :smile: