(r162) Quick Start only starts in peace mode

As the title says. When using quick start Goblins never appear: doesn’t matter what terrain you start on. So assumption is the game defaults to non combat mode in quick start. Also in quick start mode I never see the map error from this thread.

It’s pretty simple, but quick start doesn’t let you choose peaceful or normal mode, it is always peaceful.

I moved 2 posts to an existing topic: (Bug) Alpha 7 r195

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I actually get goblins when starting with quick start.

However I think the bug is more like: being able to choose Normal or Peaceful when using Quick Start.
Though that’s more of a suggestion than a bug. :wink:

It’s odd though that you’re in peaceful mode, as it should always be normal. Mayhaps you’ve settled somewhere so that the Goblins can’t get to you? I think there were other people who had that problem before…

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indeed … I couldn’t recall if (what I had read) was something more akin to a suggestion… thanks for the additional details!