[r ? x64] Citizens UI should scroll up when bottom-of-list citizens selected

Summary: Not really a bug, but this would add to the feel of the game, removing unnecessary clicking.

When you increase your population and select somebody from the bottom of the list, their name will be highlighted but the ‘Change Job’ and ‘Build Workshop’ buttons are partially/fully obscured.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get 3-4 more hearthlings
  2. Open citizens UI
  3. Click on the bottom one of the list.

Expected Results:

‘Sean Woolden’ is highlighted and all buttons are visible with one click.

Actual Results:

This requires moving the mouse to the scrollbar and clicking it down 1-2 times before moving back to the buttons.

This would be less of an issue if the scroll-wheel worked. The scroll bar is quite thin and annoying to click.

Version: latest version, Feb 7, x64


as this isn’t technically a bug (which you mention), and even though I love how you consistently format these reports (thanks! :smile:), I think perhaps we should denote this one a suggestion…

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