Do something with empty top row in citizen dialog when nobody selected?

In the citizen management dialog, the top row (just below the title) is empty when you have no citizen selected. I understand that that space is required for the “change job” button etc., and you don’t want to move the citizens down to create space for these buttons either, but it does look a bit bare now when nobody is selected. Perhaps there could be some text or something else there? Not quite sure.


well, i for one, am hoping that eventually there will be more things we can do with the hearthlings. thus putting that drop down box/list to use.

if we eventually get the ability to give each citizen a top priority, for example,

  • Mell Inverse, always chops trees before anything else
  • Lorn Mont, always mines before anything else
  • Rose Framer, always gathers before anything else

and so on.

if some such thing were to be added, then a new UI for customizing the prioritys could be made, and then the drop down box/list could have a button that would open this up.

i hope this made a bit of sense :no_mouth:

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Makes sense to me & sounds good :slight_smile:

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yay! lately ive actually been able to put my thoughts into words :laughing:

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