Hearthling jobmenu auto-scrolling jumps to the bottom

The Hearthling-jobmenu keeps scrolling down to the bottom of the page automaticly when you try to select/unselect someones job, when the hearthling is close to the end of the page when scrolled up.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. having 30+ hearthlings and going into the jobmenu
  2. unselecting the job box from for example footmen who are on the bottom of the screen when totally scroleld up

Expected Results:
The menu page to stay still untill i decide to scroll or center on the hearthling i selected (which i think it is trying to do but ending up at the bottom)

Actual Results:
My Town has 30+ hearthlings and when trying to unselect the Job from my footmen so they can help with some of the hauling the page scrolls to the bottom and i have to scroll up again to select the next one!

in “Expected Results”

save file?! if needed

Version Number and Mods in use:
no mods
System Information:
Win 10 64bit

Hope i can help to make this beatiful game a litte bit better

greetings Nick


This is still happening and is becoming quite annoying, 0.20.696. :frowning:

@Relyss Is there any chance that this bug is being worked on, please? The more hearthlings you have, the worse it gets.

@Relyss this is marked #fixed_for_next_alpha, but the report is from A19 - did the fix make it into A22?

Yes, this should be fixed in A22.


Perfect. #resolved