Center/Find Citizen

Often when a citizen is off or lost, I’d like to find them. Something like a double-click to center/find or a button would help. Of course, a citizen that is off and lost/wandering would be neat to see a “story” line as to what brought them 20,000 leagues into the forest.

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Another possible helpful feature would be to flatten the trees, to scan and find people.

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If you click the citizens name in the citizen overview tab it should take you to the citizen.


I had tried a few different names to attempt to center, usually in the citizen list as that is an area where I can see what their status is. I’ll try using the lower left section (I believe that is what you mean by overview).

Ok, clicking the name in the corner overview does center the citizen. But how do you “select” a citizen when you can’t find them? Click the names in the list doesn’t “select” them to this centering to work. Ideally we need to be able to center without them selected.

You open the tab where you can see the list of your workers, and you click on what job they’re doing. For example ‘‘idle’’.

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Apologies if this is already a feature, but it would be great to be able locate to individuals on the map by clicking on their name in one of the menus, e.g. professions roster. Thanks!

It’s not in yet, but it has been asked for already :wink: :smile:

Paging @SteveAdamo / @Geoffers747 for a thread merge :slight_smile: .

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Thought it might have, but couldn’t find the post :slight_smile: Thanks for posting it.

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