Suggestions: Citizen window, AI task prioritization, Characteristic scaling map generator

Display health of citizens on the citizen window
The citizen window is one of the more frustrating UIs in the game at this point. If there isn’t going to be any ability to navigate back to the citizen window from a linked window, then it would he helpful to have as much basic information in the citizen view as possible before navigating away. The health in particular is both extremely small and potentially very useful in situations where time is of the essence.

Player control for setting citizen AI task priorities
I’m not sure quite how the AI decides which tasks to tackle first, but I’ve had a hell of a time trying to get my workers/et al to pick up items marked as loot. Even if they’re exactly the resource I need most. Having the ability to set a certain type of task as priority would allow me to complete specific tasks without holding up planning out the next phase.

Characteristic scaling on map generation
This may not be compatible with the current seed based generator, but it would save a lot of time in rolling through randomly generated maps if I could decrease the average height variation in the forest map, or increase instances of water in the desert.

NOTE: I’ve been really impressed with the game thus far. Love the art style, and haven’t run into many technical issues (aside from my frustration with the citizen AI). Really, excellently done.