R-293 Pathfinder overload

I can still move the camera and click on things but the game acts as if it is on pause. I click on play nothing happens. I try fast forward and things seem to come unpaused for only a brief second. I clicked on the thing on the bottom right corner (left of the pause button) to find that the pathfinder is stuck at 99.9%. After spending the time to submit this bug it finally loads and I can continue playing. but then a goblin with a fancy hat swaggers into town. I think it could have something to do with the goblin camp appearing.
I don’t know if it has anything to do with this but the goblin camp appeared practically in my town right on top of my trapping ground area. will you fix it so that the goblin camp will spawn farther away please.
I hope this information was helpful, love the game.


firstly, welcome to the discourse :smile:

secondly, was the game frozen or just running really slow?

thirdly, i know this is your first time reporting a bug, and for that matter your first time posting, but it would be very helpful to TR if you could report bugs in the way shown in the bug report template,


the hearthlings were frozen but I could still move the camera as if the game was paused, but it wasn’t paused.

hmm… so the game wasnt frozen but the hearthlings were… :confused:

as i know nothing about what runs the game im just going to page @Relyss @SteveAdamo so they can page the correct people to get onto hunting down this bug :blush:

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Sounds similar to this bug

Could be wrong but it just reminded me of that :wink:


well it wasn’t just the hearthlings that was frozen the clouds and the animals were too. just like if it was paused. But I looked down at the play button and it was selected. it wasn’t paused that’s why I was confused.

I don’t think its the same bug. my game was “frozen” for like 10 minutes. then it went away and i haven’t run into it since.

Are you running the latest version? This was a problem in Alpha 9 that I thought was fixed. Share a screen the next time and I’m sure we’ll see your LUA is eating 90% of your cycles.

I’m running the latest. alpha 10 Release 293

Then please share a screens hot the next time it happens.

Ok, but how do I do that? should i use the print screen button on my keyboard?

I will just use the screen shot feature in steam.

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yep screenshot it and then, if your not yet at the “trust” level to upload a picture directly to the discourse you can always just upload it to imgur.com or some such place and @SteveAdamo can embed it for you :blush:

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I think it’s just a major lag spike when the goblin camp appears, but with a strange pause effect. I’ll have to check by myself too, since my computer is not designed for games.

@Kodi4444, could you post your system specs, please?

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I’m also getting this issue, time is still passing but very very very slowly, the wolves sleeping Zzzzzzz are still moving(albeit very slowly). music plays normally aswell

its also being reported by someone else here Bug crash/progress wipe (don’t know how to do the fancy linking yet)

lua sits at 99.1-99.3

its not the same, your lua is maxing out for me it was pathfinder that was maxing out.
I had not even encountered the wolves yet.

it happened for me too but my progress wiped after words T_T

would you perhaps be able to post a pic, @Kodi4444 ?

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I’ve also been having an issue with pathfinding sticking at 99.9%, seems to start when the first goblin camp spawns. Everything stops moving - hearthlings, goblins, animals, time…
The game is still responsive, i can open interfaces and move the camera just fine; although the inventory, journal, and the hearthling information panels have no info or are blank.

Screenshot of pathfinder at 99.9% - http://i.imgur.com/t2CwzXQ.jpg

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@SteveAdamo @Relyss looks like a pic needs to be embedded :smile: