[Con] BUG (?) 240 x64 Game events run while paused

When you pause your game the Merchant events will still happen even while paused. not sure if this is suppose to happen but it does, a screen shot really doesn’t help heh

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
Alienware R4
Intel® Core™ i7-4820 CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70GHz
GeForce GTX 760 (2)

I can confirm this as well–my current building project’s involved a lot of pausing, and I’ve had a variety of traders come in during supposedly “frozen time”. I don’t believe it’s tied to one type of merchant or another, but all of them in general.


thanks for the report @Unatan2, and the confirmation @Atralane … I can confirm as well (although I thought for sure we had an existing report?)…


not only the merchant ^^ all time triggered events - like goblincamp, traider etc. but i think this was reported in some further versions ^^


I’ve seen the pathfinding update while the game is paused as well. For example, in alpha 8 and before, when goblins showed up only in raiding parties:

Deleting their stockpile while the game was paused caused their feet to move to a different position.

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Nah, that has always happened when you make a command while the game is paused.
For example, tell them to harvest something or craft something while the game is paused, and you’ll se that their pose changes.

That may sounds odd but I get the first goblin encounter while the game is paused! Could it be something some tasks are still running even when the game is paused??


Do you remember which one it was? The goblin stomping into your town?

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The first event, the goblin camp with chief and treasure chest.


i think the event was in que to be loaded
if you keep the game running double speed and have 20+ppl(depending on how fast your pc is) alot of events just get skipped (maybe unable to load before they time out?)
but thats my experience(with 35+ppl on peacefull)

At the start of a new game, after you have placed your banner, an event will occur within 30 seconds. I suppose it’s a bonus event since it’s very predictable. Anyway, this event will not trigger if you pause the game by clicking on the “Pause” icon. It will trigger if you pause the game by pressing the escape key to open the main menu.

I haven’t tested to see if this is something that will only happen with this initial event or if it can occur with other events, but it seems like bad form to have popups happen while you are in the main menu.


Can you be specific about the “bonus event” please
also a screenshot would be nice :smile:

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“A traveller approaches holding a bundle.”

Ah, that one. That always struck me as silly - how do my people look starved when they’ve just arrived?


Indeed. From the last stream, it seems they are working on the ability to have you buy a few things before the game starts (along with being able to reroll your starting group). It’ll be nice to start the game with enough food to keep your hearthlings fed until the first set of crops is harvested.

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To be honest food is not a big issue in the game since you can make a temporary farm at day 1

I have the impression that they don’t eat in day 1. Perhaps it’s because they have the stomach at its fullest?

Anyway, the bundle doesn’t need to be food, sometimes it’s a hoe or other things, so, back on topic, if the game is paused while in the esc menu, it should behave like when it’s paused with the speed buttons, the events should not trigger.

Then again how long have they been travelling.

Also why do they have a ready made camp fire and banner. Can think of more important things to take, I understand its a focal point for the community, every new member heads to the banner first. Why can’t we make them, recipe for the stonemason and tailor respectively. (Wow! 2 updates tonight (U.K.).).

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well i dont know if it still does, but in the town journal you used to get complaints on the first day about empty stomachs, so perhaps it was a little nod towards that?

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