Quests and Mission Board

What would people think about a piece of furniture like a News Board or something to stick in your town. Periodically throughout your play through it would generate different quests. You can assign parties to do said quests. Different level quests, different rewards and such. Your party would walk off out of town and disappear to go complete the quest. (Happens off screen) Then return with the rewards and such.


So for example:

Your carpenter builds a News Board. You place News Board where ever. Every couple days your News Board generates a quest. There may be an alert “You have a quest posted!” When you click the news board, it will show all the quests that have been posted. From there you assign a party to the quest. The quest will have a story and specifics to it, as well as suggestions of how many party members should be sent. Then there’s a % chance of success and estimated time of completion (Goes off in game time, aka 2, 4, or 6 days, ect.) Then from there, the party selected to attend the quest walk off and disappear. In the estimated time frame eventually your party returns. If they were successful, you are given the offered reward as well as a possible chance at loot from the quest. If the success chance was too low and you still sent your party, there is a chance eventually a trader or travelers will show up and deliver their tombstones showing they’ve failed.

But for even more lore fun! Every quest could have a small story! With a small story for each conclusion! Nothing major but something fun.


They are already working on something like that where you could send soldiers off to other dimensions/planes and fight the monsters on their own place as a sorta dungeon… we dont have all the details on that though.

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That sounds a lot like the mission table in the current WoW expansion. Personally I wouldn’t be interested in having that sort of gameplay in Stonehearth, where they just go off on their own and I maybe get some rewards out of it; I like that combat in Stonehearth is as interactive as it is.

I would be interested to see a quest board giving similar things to the travelling merchants though; quests for me to provide certain resources or items and when I say to complete, they come to collect and we get some reward. Combat missions I’d like are ones where if I accept the quest, THEN an elite settlement or giant or something shows up on the map for me to go take out, and I wouldn’t otherwise have seen them and been able to kill them.

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Before I made my own thread suggesting this, I thought I would do some searching and long and behold!I love this idea, sending your combat units to gather loot from dungeons and stuff would be a fantastic idea.

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