Question on Animation and bones

I’m not going to start working on animation until I the 15th, when I’ll pick up the home edition of quibicle, but I have a question which will effect how I model now.

I have my little axebeak model guy but I’m wondering on the legs whether it will be better to have one or two bones for movement…I think the worker only has one but he also has much shorter legs. Is one bone just easier to deal with? Can I get decent looking animations on longer legs with just one? The neck will have one as well…Any insight on this would be great…

I’ve only recently got into animating but I’d suggest having two bones for the legs. The sheep and wolf models Tom has made are designed have two: a leg bone and a foot bone.

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Hmm, maybe I need three then? Ostriches have that kind of weird loping gate that I want to make sure I get right, I’m worried it will look too stilted without 2 leg bones…

Possibly. It all depends on how you want it to look and how much effort you want to put into it. :sweat_smile: