Qubicle turntable render issue


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[quote=“voxel_pirate, post:20, topic:2956”]
@robbx213 & @Lele99 Regarding your .gif-files. In Qubicle’s “Render Settings” you can change the “Frames Per Rotation” and “Animation Delay”. By changing this values you can influence the resulting .gif-file. Try something like 100 frames and 10 as delay. [/quote]

I tried a few different settings of different # of frames (50, 60, 100), delay, and clockwise vs. other. Same result every time, only about 90 degrees rotation.

When I tried 30 frames and 25 ms it spun all the way around, but very quickly. Below is success: 30 frames and 1 ms. Slower, kind of the opposite of what I thought the delay would do, but whatever now it’s working.


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