Qubicle model compression

I noticed that the models, exported from Qubicle are really big sizes. I think it’s because you have to disable the compression during exporting.

So my question

It’s possible to reduce the size of the files? Only using Qubicle of course… I need the single layers for the Outfits and in future for animations.

There are not more infos how to reduce the filesize, even on the official Qubicle Website

I use VoxelShop, there the models are super compact.
BUT, for animations, I had to actually use StoneVoxel, which exports like Qubicle, in big files. Else it was bugging the fisher outfit, which is by far the biggest file in my mod, the only that goes over 1mb.
So if you are going to animate outfits, I guess you had to stick with full files. Not sure though.

i have a folder with 30mb :open_mouth: just for a job with all his variations :open_mouth: this is really to much.

But the problem is that i need the layers for the animation. The other models doesn’t have this problem.

As someone who prides himself on small models: size of bounding box is key. Optimise and trim off all empty space you can.
Edit: bugger I just noticed I necro’d