Qubicle Competition Discussion Thread. Cycle 1, Week 4 - Deities!

Come on @Agon I have complete faith in your ability together a model in today!

I’ll make another announcement when you’ve submitted so everyone knows that all the entries are there :slight_smile:


@Agon! @Agon! :dancers: <— closest thing i could find for a cheerleader…


i dont consider it cheating, as there is no post processing, just good old qubicle lovin… and wow, thats some impressive lovin… :wink:

i love everything you’ve pulled together here, from the odd lighting effect on the “card” behind your deity, to the super impressive “globe”… A+ work there my friend…

Thanks! And thanks for the cheeringleading as well :smile:

I should say that the gradient on the screen (it’s the sky by the way. Bright day close to the sun and dark night close to the moon) was done in gimp and imported to Qubicle, so I haven’t picked every colour by hand.

Also, thanks to @voxel_pirate for the template of the human (footsoldier I think) that I used as base.

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Oh you guys.

Such fantastic models for the final! I’ll give you a couple of hours to make any alterations you wanna make before putting an announcement up!

Well, considering that it’s way past the actual deadline, it’s the middle of the night and I’ve already had way too little sleep this week… I’m going to call it of for now. It’s not a lot left till it’s finished, but it’s enough to be too much for tonight.
Thanks for the extra time anyway! Sorry that I’m complicating things. :smile:
Here’s what I’ve got so far. The original size of the god can be seen in the lower left corner.

God night :sleeping: :crescent_moon:


i dont know if that was an intentional play on words, but it worked! :smile:


Sorry if I’m late to the party, but when will the next cycle come up?

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Also keen to know…:smiley:

i’m sure cycle 2 will start up tomorrow, once @Geoffers747 announces the winner of cycle 1, along with all the wonderful prizes that are in store for said winner… :smile:

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Out of interest, who’s funding your prizes? Is there a dark, mysterious overlord? Is it just the devs in an attempt to increase the popularity by increasing mods? Or is it a kind fellow on the discourse? One of you two gentlemen?

most of it is coming from @Geoffers747 after school paper-route… the rest, from other various “donors”… :wink:


@Chickenfried and @Smokestacks apologies for starting slightly later, I’m wanting to gather some feedback about the timing of the competition and whether we should push everything a day forward, so think of this as a trial run for that!

As for prizes well at the moment, @Tim from Minddesk has very kindly offered a version of Qubicle Home edition for the winner of each cycle (so thanks everyone for giving me a tie to deal with).

And as @SteveAdamo said, I’ve bought a few games when they’ve been on sale to offer as well, and there are a few other mysterious things in the works that I don’t wish to reveal yet :smile:

I certainly hope it is not your candid home photos :scream:

congrats to @voxel_pirate and @TobiasSabathius!

hope you enjoy those snazzy new titles! :smile:

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Oh yes and the Tiara fits perfectly :fallen_leaf: :facepunch:

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That’s the prize that coincides with the beta release :wink:

Oh boy I bet ya can’t wait!

No no, it’s fine the delay, I’m just keen to know so I don’t miss this one, although that said I go on holiday for a week from tomorrow…so maybe I will :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ahh well

And ahhh, well how generous the both of you and whatever this ‘mysterious thing in the works is’ :smile:

Well it’s up and running!

Oh nice I get to show of my knowledge
Chronus and Kronos are both deities in ancient greek myth and they’re two different entities
One of them was the male half of the team of ‘gods of gods’ supercreatures that created the world and the first gods
the other one is just a normal run of the mill uppergod and ruler of heavens that was replaced by his son
I say titans are deities wether you consider them to be gods or not, that’s all just titles