Qubicle Beta 2 and Compounds

As some may know, I’ve been focusing my time lately on making a Spaghetti Western reskin of Stonehearth and like many modellers I like to keep all of my Qubicles in the same file because it helps me during the creation process.

One of the main constraints to this approach is that all Matrices need to be uniquely named and this causes an issue with exporting models in the Stonehearth format.

For example, if you have 4 models, only one of them can have the matrix named rightArm. The others will be appended with _n. For example rightArm _17.

Well, not anymore! Qubicle 2 comes with a fantastic feature that I want to make you aware of (if you aren’t already) - Compounds.

Compounds allow you to create models and for the want of a better term, encapsulate them within a compound. A compound is viewed as separate model and can share the same matrix names as other models within the qbcl file.

To create a compound, all you need do is select the model that you wish to compound, and then modify>compound>pack them.

I’m sure @Tim can explain the process better than I, but its a really great feature that I wanted to make sure you were all aware of! No more rightArm_14’s for this callsign! Woot!

Compounds are indicated by a perforated outline.

Problem with multiple models underlined in red. Bottom Left.

I am sure to some of you this might be old news, but I wasn’t aware, and so hopefully this will help raise awareness of this great time saving feature!!


Wow, I run into this issue the other day, and this seems perfect! :smile:
But sadly I never got access to the beta :crying_cat_face:

Are you signed up to the newsletter?

I think the only criteria was newsletter plus licenced copy of Qubicle.

Perhaps you could message @Tim your email address?

That said:

Minddesk Qubicle 2.5 - Professional Voxel Editor For Modding And Game Development is the website. As long as you still have your order number/email it should work.

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Thanks, @Froggy. I don’t really have the order number as I received my copy from one of the Qubicle competitions. But I still can contact Tim, because I had an issue with my email address and maybe he hasn’t updated it on the database.

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