Promotion window + ink stage how merge the two idea to have a better one


Hi, the new promotion window is great but stonehearth lost a part of it soul with the removal of the “ink pad”. But i know how to merge the new promotion window with this little thing instead of clicking on a worker then clicking on promote then chose the class (3steps), make a promotion button that open the promotion window then select the class then chose the worker by the old “ink pad” window also 3 steps this gave us with the same amount of click a better looking game with this little thing and we all know that a little thing plus another give a better game. What do you think about this ?

Ps: my native langage is French so if i didn’t used the correct word or you don’t understand what i mean tell me.

Edit a much more understandable version of my idea from Huejass:

  1. Open the Job Tree
  2. Select the job you want to turn a villager into
  3. Choose a villager to promote and stamp them into their new job

If the job require a previous job like cook that required a farmer or architect that required a carpenter the stamp window will only offer you the choice between the citizen of the required class.

Hikerakashiya's Suggestion Thread

I like the idea of there being some way to re-introduce the cutesy little declaration with the ink stamp c: But I think Radiant’s reasoning was that it was difficult for new players to understand that the classes had progression, so they had to introduce the class tree as we know it now :c


With my system the class tree become even more easier to see because it become the first step of the promotion clicking chain. Actually the choice of the worker that will be promoted is the first choice that you make and i want to move this choice to the Last position after the class choice. I want to click on a new icon that open the promotion tree then i choose the class i want to have and then i choose the worker that i want to promote to this job (with the stamp window), if the job is an upgraded version of an other job like cook, in the stamp window list i will only have compatible citizen, in this situation only farmers.


Ah, I see! Just to clarify, you want;

  1. Open the Job Tree
  2. Select the job you want to turn a villager into
  3. Choose a villager to promote and stamp them into their new job?

I think that could work :smiley:


Exactly ! Thank for make it understandable for everybody =) For me it’s seem even more logic since in my mind i think i need a farmer rather than if i promote this guy.


I love this idea plus it would add the ‘ink pad promotion job thing’ back into the game.


I think it’d be easier to just have a stamp come down on the promotion map after you accepted the promotion


Maybe but it’s a real choice. The current system is more micro because you select a specific worker before choose his job. With this system you need a specific class and then you choose the worker it’s more macro.


That’s right. It’s all about the flow of your thought processes as a user. Your first thought is “I need a new guy to do X”, not “this guy really needs to get a job”. So the User Interface should support that by letting you select a job and then select a guy for the job (with the ability to find the guy with the right attributes for the job at the same time!).


@sdee , @Tom i want to submit this suggestion, what do you think ? It’s suit more the thought flow and re-use the stamp promotion window that improve stonehearth soul !


Thanks for the suggestions! :slight_smile: We’re working on other aspects of the game right this moment, but when we next circle back, we will definitely keep this in mind.