Problems with Parallels Desktop

Since the new Update of the game i can’t start it with Parallels Desktop. Every time i try it the game doesn’t load. By downgrading the game to the stable version (Alpha 17) the game runs without problems. Someone maybe have an explanation?

hey there @pingu,

i don’t know much about parallel desktop, but just want to double check that it’s a program that allows you to run windows on a mac, right?

Yes you are right. I use Parallels Desktop to install Windows Programms/Games on my Mac. In the last Alphas all worked fine but the newest Update don’t want to run on my PC.

There are no alerts or bug reports. Just when i click to open the application the Game don’t start.

hmm… though this is kinda a shot in the dark, it possibly could do with the new data collection, if you go into your stonhearth folder there should be a user_setting.json, open that up and see if collect_analytics and enable_analytics are set to true, if they are, try changing them to false.

Nope, always the same problem :sweat:

Just popped up in my feed: New Version is out. Maybe it fixes your problems.